The PC Pro Excellence Awards 2020 took place on Wednesday 7th October, and for the first time in their history they happened virtually via a livestream on this site. 

The awards were presented by PC Pro's Editor in Chief, Tim Danton, and Associate Editor Darien Graham-Smith.

You can watch the show below and see who were crowned the 2020 winners. 

The PC Pro Excellence Awards are formed of two parts. To decide the manufacturers of the year, we rely on feedback from thousands of PC Pro readers: they tell us about the reliability of the products they've bought in the past two years, the support they've received and, crucially, whether they would buy from those companies again. We turn that feedback into one simple number - and the company that has the highest number wins.

We also include 11 products of the year, this time based on the knowledge of our team of editors and testers - including those of our sister sites Expert Reviews and IT Pro. Between them, they've reviewed and tested hundreds of products, and are in the perfect position to judge this year's stand-out products.